Portable Will Ruin His Career With All These Viral Videos, ‘Publicity Stunts’

Portable Will Ruin His Career With All These Viral Videos, ‘Publicity Stunts’

Fast-rising artist, Portable has joined the long list of artists whose careers ended before they actually began as a result of poor publicity stunts.

On the 7th of January, Portable grabbed a baseball stick and threatened to smash the windscreen of his promoter and manager, Kogbagidi’s Mercedes Benz. According to him, Kogbagidi ripped him of his money and mercilessly used him. He also added that he will be cutting tiles with him because he is a big boy.

Social users who have been following portable since the whole Poco Lee saga commented that Portable’s rant is all staged. They commented that Portable wants to ruin his career before he even blows. While some are of the opinion that Portable and his team are faking the whole thing, others joined in calling out Kogbagidi for ripping him off.

A few hours later, Portable was caught on camera begging Kogbagidi and his team to forgive him, He revealed that Kogbagidi never collected a penny from him. According to him, he has no idea what came over him and he won’t let the devil use him again.

As expected, Nerzines dragged him and Kogbagidi for the fake publicity stunts. They dragged them for tarnishing Portable’s image all in the name of promotion. The investigators amongst them discovered that portable released a new song and he is only trying to promote it with the help of Kogbagidi.

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